DIY Refrigerator Magnets to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen neutral, plain, or boring? These DIY Refrigerator Magnets are the perfect solution to give your kitchen a little personality!

I have a plain white refrigerator, as I’m sure most of us do. I mean, they normally don’t come in colorful choices unless you own a cool looking vintage refrigerator. Which I SO want one day.

Yes, the market has red, blue, and brown refrigerators, but I never see any colors like purple, orange, or yellow. If you have please let me know.

Today I thought it would be fun to try and make my own magnets for the refrigerator. Bring it back to life again, make it seem new. Whenever I get a chance to decorate with lace, I take it! Love, love, love, lace.

These magnets are made out of wood chips that I painted in black. With Modge Podge the lace is glued to the surface making for a nice glossy finish. Let me tell you, this craft is really simple and easy to do. It took me less than an hour to complete.

And I’m forever happy with my newly designed fridge.

DIY Refrigerator Magnets

As you will see in the pictures, I found a few awesome printables of inspirational quotes. You can find them at Dawn Nicole Designs. Having these hung onto my refrigerator inspires me every day.  Sayings like “Never Ever Give Up” and “You Are Capable of Amazing Things” are what we all need to be reminded of from time to time!

Now let’s dive into the DIY refrigerator magnets.


Popsicle Sticks

Art Wood Variety Pack

Black Acrylic Paint

Thin White Lace

Magnet Roll

Modge Podge

Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun/Sticks



Paint the popsicle sticks and wood chips in black. I painted mine on the front and back. Let fully dry for about five minutes.

On one side, slather on a good amount of Modge Podge.

Cut strips of lace and apply, while carefully patting down with your finger.

Again, but this time on top of the lace, apply the Modge Podge. With your paint brush do this in a dabbing motion so the lace won’t rise from the wood.

Let the Modge Podge dry for about twenty to thirty minutes.

Cut the excess ends of lace off. I found it easy to flip the wood chips over and cut from the bottom side.

Glue the magnets with your hot glue gun.

And that’s it!

DIY Refrigerator Magnets

On my refrigerator, I like to have my daily and weekly cleaning schedule hung so I am able to stay organized in this hectic thing I call life.  If you have kids, it also can be super helpful when reminding them to do their chores!

If you would like to print your very own FREE cleaning checklist with BONUS house cleaning ideas, fill out your information in this box below. I don’t send spam, just an email once a week containing my new blog posts. Unless you think DIY projects are spam 🙂

With these magnets, I also like the idea of using other colors than just black to make them a little more colorful. If your kitchen has red accents, use red paint. Or paint each one a totally different color. Whatever floats your boat!

These DIY refrigerator magnets are super easy for kids to complete as well. Have fun and make it an afternoon craft party. Just keep the hot gluing for the adults. (wink.)

Have you ever made a home decor piece using lace? Comment in the section below, I would love to hear what you have created!

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DIY Refrigerator Magnets

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