20 Life Saving & Unique Gift Ideas for All Wine Lovers

These unique gift ideas are sure to please any wine enthusiast!

There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and sipping on a glass of wine. Am I right?

I’m usually drinking the more fruity type of wines. I’ll try dry wine here and there, but only when the food pairing is perfect.

My drink of choice use to be beer, but as the years go on I find myself longing for a tasty glass of wine more often. A good friend of mine actually introduced me to some amazing sweet wines and the rest was history.

My favorites are Delle Venezie Moscato by Primo Amore and the Moscato D’asti by Villa Rosa. Yum, yum, and more yum! What’s your favorite wine to drink?

Unique Gift Ideas

Since I have been more interested in wine this past year, of course, I’ve been online shopping for any useful wine gadgets. How could I not?

If wine isn’t your thing, but are looking to give the perfect gift, this is your page. And if you are a wine enthusiast, then well, you’ve come to the perfect place! Now go ahead and treat yourself. I’ll be treating myself right after writing this article. 🙂 Here are 20 LIFE SAVING and unique gift ideas for all the wine lovers in your life.

And remember to always drink responsibly! Cheers!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission. Purchasing from my link does not increase your purchase price, but it is a great way to thank me if you happen to enjoy my ideas. Note that I only recommend products I have personally used or have thoroughly researched.

Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

I’ll start off with a MUST HAVE for those who either drink many bottles of wine or likes to add to their collection. This Whynter  Thermoelectric Wine Cooler holds 20 standard wine bottles with an adjustable thermostat. The black tint mirrored glass door gives this wine cooler a sleek modern touch. (Find It Here)

Handmade Wine Glass

Ohhh this glass looks so elegant! I like to call this a unique piece of art. Each glass is handmade by seasoned artists. They are inspired by the essence of the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. You can’t go wrong with this one! (Find It Here) If your looking for stemless wine glasses you can find them (Here)too.

Stemless Wine Glass

I thought the quote on this glass was too funny to pass up. The writing is etched into the actual glass, so the wording will never wear off. Bonus: It is dishwasher safe! (Find It Here)

Whimsical Wine Glass

This is the wine glass I would love to drink from. Trees and dragonflies are painted around the glass with crystals included. Hand wash only. (Find It Here)

Queen Wine Glass

For the queen of the house. This wine glass has a painted tiara around the outside. Anyone drinking out of this glass will feel like a princess. Make sure to hand wash only! (Find it Here)

Wine Decanter

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is great for parties and when having guests over for a visit. Show this to your friends and they will think you are a wine scientist. This decanter holds the standard 750ML wine bottle. (Find It Here)

Premium Wine Gift Set


Now for the wine tools. This premium wine gift set includes a high quality lever wine corkscrew, wine aerator, foil cutter, wine pourer, wine collar (drip ring), thermometer, replacement screw and two bottle stoppers. Great for that first time wine drinker! (Find It Here)

Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This is the Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with a Foil Cutter. It opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge and guess what? It’s cordless! Simply charge on the base and your good to go. (Find It Here)

Wine Chiller Rod

The Gonicc Wine Chiller Rod is a 4-in-1 gadget. It has a purer which prevents wine spills. A mini stopper that keeps the bubbles in. An aerator allows the wine to breathe. And lastly, a chilling rod to keep the wine cool. The gift box makes the present. (Find It Here)

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Sip happens, liquid therapy, rough day, wine not, and wine me up. 5 bottle stoppers that are the only gift worth giving. This is a fun way to preserve your favorite wines. (Find It Here)

Silicone Wine Glasses

Flexible, lightweight, unbreakable, and portable! A set of four silicone wine glasses to take on the go or for backyard BBQ’s. (Find It Here)

Wine Yard Stake Holders

These are awesome! While your sitting in your backyard, simply push a stake into the grass and you have yourself a cup holder. This set comes with 4 wine glass holders and 1 wine bottle holder. Use them for any occasion. (Find it Here)

Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder would look great on a counter top in the kitchen. It is made out of wood in a black finish. Be sure to know that this is only one wine holder. The picture is showing the sayings that are both on the front and back. (Find It Here)

Two Bottle Travel Tote

This two bottle travel tote is perfect for picnics, trips to the beach, parties, BBQ’s, and holidays. This set comes with the tote bag, 2 acrylic wine glasses, 2 napkins, 1 corkscrew,  and 1 bottle stopper. Everything you need all in one bag! (Find it Here)

Wine Bottle Purse

How neat! A wine bottle purse. Arrive in fashion and all your family and friends will be jealous. (Find It Here) Below are more wine bottle purses but in different colors.


Personalized Hanging Wine Sign

This is an elegant wall art that can be personalized to your liking. Input your last name or maybe have the word WINE on it. It’s up to you and where you would like to place it. This would like awesome in my dining room right above our table. Hmmm… so many places it would look great at. This comes ready to hang, so there isn’t any hassle. (Find it Here)

Wine Doormat

There ya go. A doormat with wine on it. Greet your guest and invite them in. But make sure they have a bottle of wine in their hand. (Find It Here)

Wine-opoly Game

Wine-opoly looks like a fun night! Have a game night, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy your company. This game is for 2-6 players with a Monopoly-style feel. This is not a drinking game. (Find It Here)

Funny Wine Socks


If you can read this, bring me some wine. These socks say it all! (Find It Here)

Wine Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been becoming super popular these days. Color away and add some wine into the mix. Sounds like a relaxing time! This coloring book contains 40 pages of awesomeness. (Find It Here)

 I literally want every single item I have listed. This ultimate guide has it all. Wine storage, glasses, accessories, home decor and even the funnies!

Whether the special occasion is a birthday, mothers/fathers day, Christmas, or anything else, any of these unique gift ideas will warm a wine lovers heart.

And remember to always drink responsibly!

Which item or items would you want for yourself?

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Unique Gift Ideas

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  1. Love the socks! I bought them as a gift at Christmas. We love giving and receiving wine gifts, they’re always a great gift option for the wine lover on your list.


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